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Bucket  of Love

Bucket of Love is an annual community outreach recognizing and sending love to home and facility-bound senior citizens on Valentine's Day. 

This program started in 2013 with 100 buckets delivered to one long-term nursing facilities. Since then, we have annually increased our outreach and in the 2022 and 2023 combined, we delivered over 1,500 buckets to 13 senior living facilities. 


Each bucket is filled with a pair of premium quality non-skid socks, lip balm, travel size tissues, gum, hand sanitizer, See’s candy, chocolates and other Valentine goodies. Lastly, and a very important part, a home-made card specially designed by a school-age child. Each year, Bucket List Foundation partners with organizations such as elementary schools, Boys and Girls Club and Girl Scouts of America to engage youth in designing cards; this has proven to be a very special part of the bucket. It is an amazing opportunity for BLF to engage and empower our youth to be part of making a difference in the life of senior citizens.


As we approach the 10th Anniversary of our Bucket of Love Valentine’s outreach, thousands of senior citizens across nursing homes, assisted living facilities, Veteran hospital and long-terms veteran homes have been moved by this outpouring of love on Valentine’s Day; a day that is often forgotten for this generation. In turn, this outreach has a ripple effect on our community, which has impacted the way individuals view senior citizens. 

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