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Highlighted Wishes

Bill's Wish

To meet the legends of tennis and attend a professional tennis match.

Dr. Reusch's Wish

To meet the Arizona Cardinals football team.


Jackie's Wish

To sail the ocean and swim with the dolphins.

Roy's Wish

To attend an AZ Diamondbacks game with his extended family.

Roy 2_edited.jpg

Lori's Wish

 To visit Heavenly Valley

one last time.

Billy's Wish

Billy, an 85 year-old senior one last wish was to bring all of his family together again and have a FIESTA in his home.

Thomas' Wish

Thomas' Bucket List Wish was to go deep-sea fishing with his family.


Linda's Wish

 I just want to see my son again.

Amos' Wish

To take a helicopter tour with his son

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