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"To see my Granddaughter
again and go to the museum."
About Us

Thank you for visiting our website, now serving to highlight the lives of those senior citizens honored by our mission.

Since 2011, Bucket List Foundation impacted thousands of senior citizens through granting end-of-life wishes and through our community outreach, Bucket of Love program on Valentine's Day. 

It was an honor and blessing to have played a part in giving back to a generation that gave so much to ours.

We are grateful for all who supported this work.


Inspirational Testimonials

“Bucket List Foundation brings quality of life to my patients because they have a new memory of something they never thought possible. Having the Bucket List Foundation makes things possible that I would never be able to give them, which is very empowering.” Jamie Klein, Hospice Social Worker

"To see my daughter again
and visit Sedona."
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