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Amos' Wish

September 2012 Amos, a 75-year-old military veteran’s Bucket List Wish was to take a helicopter tour with his estranged son, John. Amos, a retired Veteran of 20 years with the U.S. Air Force, who served four tours in Vietnam fondly recalled many memories of hiking every weekend with his son. From the McDowell Mountains to Sunset Point, old mining camps and ruins in Cave Creek, Amos and John explored much desert terrain together. Now diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, Amos said, “I want my family to know that I cared.”


Bucket List Foundation reached out to Amos’ son, John to share his Father’s wish to reconcile and explore as they used to many years ago. John said, “hiking and exploring was the glue that kept us together,” and with tears in his eyes, “most people would get a diagnosis like that and curl up in a ball, but my Dad’s a fighter.”


Bucket List Foundation coordinated with Vertical Aviation and H5 Productions who generously offered an in-kind donation for a one-hour flight touring the Phoenix Metro area. We were honored to welcome the crew from Katie Couric’s television show, “Katie” who joined us to capture Amos’ wish. beautiful day and highlight an incredible and deserving Veteran.


On the day of his wish, Amos and John were escorted in style to the airpark. They enjoyed a beautiful morning flying over the familiar trails they hiked together, and appreciated the vast geographical changes and hiking trails all over the valley. “The mountains are a lot more rugged than I thought they were,” said Amos. They valued the view over Tom's Thumb, a prominent granite bump in the McDowell Mountain preserve. This was a difficult hike the two had always wanted to experience, yet had not been able. 


“Katie” aired Amos’ Wish on national television in October 2012. He shared Thanksgiving that year with his extended family including John and his family. Amos passed away peacefully with his family at his bedside on November 27, 2012.

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