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Bill's Wish

72-year-old, Bill’s Bucket List Wish was to meet the legends of tennis and attend a professional tennis match. Bill’s wife, Suzanne shared his passion for tennis began in elementary school. “He grew up in a rough area on the streets of L.A. There wasn’t a lot for him to do. Playing tennis in the streets with his friends is what kept Bill out of trouble.”

Bill and his wife have been married for 50 years and moved from CA to AZ in 1987. He had a long career working in electronics for McDonald Douglas and Honeywell. His passion for tennis continued as he spent many hours on the Paseo Tennis Court with his friends. Sadly, we learned Bill was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease two years prior; subsequently, his unsteady gait and other decline prevented him from the playing the game. “Bill still watches the game on T.V. every opportunity it is on.”

The Alzheimer’s Association contacted us with Bill’s request. We arranged premium tickets for the CTCA Tennis Tournament coming later that month. Bill and his wife were escorted in style courtesy of First Class Executives. We arranged for Bill to meet his all-time favorites McEnroe, Courier, Martin and Chang. Followed by several matches between the greatest in tennis. Courier vs. Martin with Courier win. Second match McEnroe vs. Chang and McEnroe win. The final match between McEnroe and Courier was evenly matched. Ultimately, the final game ended with Courier beating McEnroe in the tiebreaker. For Bill, he was the winner that day!

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