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Linda's Wish

September 2012 64-year-old, Linda struggling to breathe told her hospice social worker. “I know I am dying. I just want to see my son again.” Linda was diagnosed with end-stage COPD the end of last year. Now lying in the in-patient hospice facility and with tears flowing down her face, she expressed her deep sadness and regret. “Time, distance and unresolved issues have caused a strain on our relationship. Shane is my only child. He means the world to me. I pray for reconciliation.” 


Medical social worker, Stormie contacted our foundation for help. She had been unable to reach Linda’s son, nor fulfill her dying wish. When volunteer, Melanie and Kimberly, Founder met with Linda, she explained it had been over seven years since she has seen or talked with her son. 


Bucket List contacted Shane that same day and for the following couple of days messages were left. We were finally able to make contact with Shane and shared with him his mother’s only wish and her rapid decline. Over the next couple of days, Shane’s heart softened, and he called us to humbly accept the invitation saying, “it’s time.”


Bucket List Foundation flew Shane from St. Louis to Phoenix and transported to the hospice unit to see his Mother. Behind the scenes, the hospice staff recall this moment, “it was so amazing. Linda was so excited to see her son. She was like a giddy schoolgirl.” 


Linda and her son spent the next 30 hours catching up, looking at pictures and restoring their relationship. Shane stayed in his Mother’s room at the unit for what was described by Shane, ‘the first sleep over we’ve had in thirty years.” Linda cried, “God has answered my prayers in His perfect timing.” She lovingly told her son, “I love you, I love you, I love you, I LOVE YOU! I’m going to tell you I love you every day for the rest of my life.” 


When Shane returned home, Linda and her son remained in contact by phone and email for the next two months until she peacefully passed away in November of that year.


Cronkite News reporter, Lauren Ettlinger capturing Linda's heart and BLF's impact on her life. CLICK HERE

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