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Lori's Wish

Lori, a young and beautiful woman, loved by so many, led a vibrant and full life. As a corporate flight attendant she traveled the globe caring for the elite and their families one trip at a time. In her off time, she returned to the place she called "home," Heavenly Ski Resort in Lake Tahoe. An advanced double black diamond skier, the mountain is where she found peace, humility and strength.

Back in the day, Lori chose to live in Lake Tahoe and work at the Cal-Bar Lodge at Heavenly Resort so that she could ski anytime there was snow on the mountain, an average of 90 days a year.


Now, after a very long fight with leukemia, including multiple chemotherapy treatments, two bone marrow transplants and various clinical trials, she learned at the tender age of 54 years-old that the treatments were no longer working. Her plan? To return home to Tahoe. She booked a two-week stay where friends from all over the country and world came to visit her with little notice. Lori was nominated for a wish to ski Heavenly one last time. With little notice, we jumped on the challenge. Although she was not physically able to ski and graciously declined the opportunity for adaptive skiing, we arranged for a scenic ride on the gondola, UTV tour and a Celebration of Life for her invited

friends from near and far to honor her life and friendship.


Despite the circumstances, Lori's strength, gratitude, character and zest for life has not wavered. A reminder to hug your friends, family, and loved ones a little longer, a little tighter. Life is a gift! A special thank you to the crew at Heavenly Ski Resort for your heartfelt servitude, flexibility in the middle of a pandemic and dynamic weather conditions to ensure Lori's Wish was above and beyond expectations.

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