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Dr.Reusch's Wish

October 2012 81-year-old, Dr. Reusch's wish was submitted by his daughter, Kimberly who wrote, “my Daddy has always been an Arizona Cardinals fan. His Bucket List wish is to meet the Cardinals. There isn’t a gift we could buy, a trip we could send him, yet meeting his favorite team would be such an honor.” 


Dr. Reusch practiced medicine in Arizona for 50 years after his service in the military and Korean War. Some of his accomplishments include opening the ER at Tucson Medical Center, owning a private family medicine practice in Globe, and even though technically retired, he continues to serve those in need, specifically weekly visits to the city jail. He said of this act of service, “I do it to keep the inmates healthy.” His daughter, Kimberly wrote to us, “All the town’s people love and respect him.”


Above all, he is a dedicated, proud and loving husband and father. Kimberly says of her Dad, “we are a blended family when at a young age, he married our mom and took in 4 little girls and raised them as his own.” Now diagnosed with an aggressive brain cancer, his daughter hoped his wish would be granted. 


Bucket List partnered with Mariposa Limousine and escorted Dr. and his family to a Monday night game and club seating against the San Francisco 49ers. Following the game, Dr. and his family were escorted to the Red Zone where he had the honor of meeting many of the players from each team, signed jersey and photo opportunity. Each player took a genuine interest in Dr. Reusch leaving him to feel like the true celebrity he is. 

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